„Die Dinge / The Things“, Quadriennale Prag
collaboration work with Anna Viebrock

“The Things”


The installation will be a cabinet of objects, which at the first glance seem to be an assemblage of unimportant particulates.

But finally these elements create something else, turn the space into another world, in which the viewer can immerge.

This can be described with the term of heterotopy. Micheal Foucauld invented this term in order to define spaces, which create a displacement. These spaces are either totally separated from reality, unreal, or they exist physically, but nevertheless pose an opposition to reality.

Despite their opposition the mayor quality of these spaces is a description of reality, of the world in which we live, with it’s own invented vocabulary.


Our intention is to create an installation as a kind of body. A number of elements are animated in this installation, e.g. ventilators start and stop again, lights will go on and off, a monitor/projection shows images, sequences in slow motion etc.


As soon the viewer enters the space he/she becomes a part of this world.